7th African Leadership Forum

Africa is blessed with abundant arable land and renewable water resources, making it capable of significantly contributing to inclusive growth and development. However, despite holding more than half of the world’s arable land, the continent only accounts for 4% of total global agricultural production. This stark contrast highlights the need to address the factors impacting agricultural productivity and stimulate intra-trade.

We are excited to announce the 2023 African Leadership Forum (ALF) on “Promoting African intra-trade to unlock agricultural potential in Africa,” organized by the AfCFTA Secretariat in partnership with the Uongozi Institute. This high-level forum aims to explore the vast opportunities and address the obstacles hindering the realization of Africa’s agricultural potential.

The ALF will bring together decision-makers and influential individuals to engage in thoughtful discussions and knowledge sharing. Here are the key objectives of the forum:

1️⃣ Explore Africa’s Agricultural Potentials: Delve into the potential opportunities emerging from climate change and how they can be harnessed to drive agricultural development and sustainability.

2️⃣ Overcome Obstacles: Share experiences and lessons learned regarding the internal and international obstacles that currently hinder the maximization of Africa’s agricultural potential. By understanding these challenges, we can collectively work towards effective solutions.

3️⃣ Implementing a One-Trade Concept: Discuss the potential and challenges of implementing a unified intra-trade concept in Africa’s agriculture sector. Explore how increased collaboration and harmonization can enhance productivity, efficiency, and market access across the continent.

4️⃣ Practical Requirements: Engage in practical and realistic discussions on the requirements for implementing the one-trade concept in Africa’s agriculture. Address the necessary policies, infrastructure, technology, and capacity-building measures needed to facilitate seamless intra-trade.

5️⃣ Unlocking the AfCFTA: Identify priorities, policies, and relationships necessary for the successful implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Recognize its transformative potential in promoting agricultural development, regional integration, and economic growth.

Join us at the 2023 African Leadership Forum, organized by the AfCFTA Secretariat in partnership with the Uongozi Institute, to contribute to these vital discussions and be part of shaping Africa’s agricultural future. Together, we can harness the continent’s natural advantages, promote intra-trade, and realize the transformative potential of agriculture in Africa. Let’s work towards shared prosperity and sustainable development.

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Elydora Matubanzila – Communications Officer


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