Trade in Goods

Trade in Goods
The Directorate of Trade in Goods and Competition at the AfCFTA Secretariat is focused on creating a single African market through implementing the Protocol on Trade in Goods and Competition. The Directorate also facilitates all negotiations on Trade in Goods and Services and provides technical advice to the Chairperson, State Parties and non-State Parties.
African shopping time
African shopping time

Compiled Annexes


Rules of Origin

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Origin Declaration
  • Supplier or products declaration
  • AfCFTA Rules of Origin

Click to download: Annex 2 to the AfCFTA Agreement Document

Customs Co-operation and Mutual Administrative Assistance

Click to download: Annex 3 to the AfCFTA Agreement Document  

Non-Tariff Barriers

  • Categorisation of potential sources.
  • Procedures for cooperation in the elimination of  tariff barriers.

Click to download:  Annex 5 to the AfCFTA Agreement Document


  • Guidelines of the AfCFTA Transit document  
  • Technical Conditions Applicable to means of transport of Goods within the AfCFTA Under Customs Seal  
  • Certificate of Approval of means of transport  
  • Certified Declaration form for the examination of transport.  
  • AfCFTA Transit Plates  

Click to download: Annex 8 to the AfCFTA Agreement Document 

State Parties
ECOWAS/Mauritania Member States 
CEMAC Member States