The AfCFTA Hub Launch and Stakeholder Forum 2022

The AfCFTA Hub (www.afcfta.app) is an interconnected clearinghouse or nexus for national government, intergovernmental, private and public digital and partnership platforms to link together in ways that simplifies and smooth the way for SMEs and startups to drive the success of the AfCFTA.

The AfCFTA Secretariat, in collaboration with AfroChampions, is joining forces with the Government of Ghana to accelerate the deployment of the various modules of the AfCFTA Hub in Ghana with initial emphasis on the AfCFTA Number and AfCFTA Common Transaction Identifier.

The AfCFTA Number is a unique code per business model designed to lead to a Trusted Business Directory of economic actors that are compliant with the necessary regulatory criteria for doing business. This is being used for free to all businesses and interlinked with various control points such as the Ghana Card, Ghana SIM Card Registration Database, National Telecom Antifraud system etc, to create a safe and secure business climate for AfCFTA-enabled business in Ghana and Africa.

To this end, the AfCFTA Hub Launch and Stakeholder Forum was held to create awareness among the business and governance community about the seminal role of the AfCFTA Hub, provide a space for stakeholders to confer on implementation, refine the regulatory requirements pertaining to the mandatory AfCFTA number and further promote a dialogue on how to build an overarching framework for e-commerce, digital trading, entrepreneurship and logistics to thrive.

Media Contact
Grace Khoza – Principal Communications Advisor

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